About DAICHI Projects

On March 11, 2011 earthquakes and tsunami devastated Tohoku region of Japan and triggered the radiation problem from Fukushima “Daiichi” nuclear plant. DAICHI Projects aims to raise awareness of children in needs in the disaster areas and supports long term recovery ideas initiated by/for children through their visions and creativity, through various art workshops and projects.

DAICHI Projects is named after my son, Daichi. It literally means ‘earth,’ or ‘land’ in Japanese. Daichi was born in Canada in 2009 and I gave him this name wishing him to become strong and sensitive, with his roots firmly in the ground. He currently lives in Japan and I wish a safe and fun future for him and every child there. It is such an irony that Daichi and the name of the nuclear plant Daiichi is only one letter, “i”, different. Let’s get the healthy “Daichi” back!

We encourage visitors to this website to send us ideas for art projects to take place in Japan.

Daisuke Takeya (Canada) : Artist/Co-director, DAICHI Projects

Daichi Takeya (Japan) : Pre-kindergarten student/Co-director, DAICHI Projects

Special Message from Co-directors

DAICHI Projects extends our deepest condolences and sympathy towards the people of Japan who lost loved ones in recent earthquakes, tsunami, and nuclear radiation. Our passion, thoughts, and prayers are with you and we wish the earliest recovery in Japan!

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