smfoundation (Shinobu Akimoto & Matthew Evans)

Residency for artists on hiatus, ongoing web project


smfoundation is Shinobu Akimoto and Matthew Evans who sometimes collaborate in the same apartment in Montreal, Canada, and other times across the Pacific. Akimoto has practiced art and life in canada since early 1990s and now divide her time between Japan and Canada; Evans is a Canadian artist currently based in Montreal. He lived in Japan between 2003 – 2008. For more information about Shinobu  Matthew


Message to Japan:

Dear friends, survivors, future gazers, forward thinkers

In the past year and half since the terrible disaster in Tohoku, we have followed, with special interest and sympathy, your struggle to regain some sense of normalcy as you work to reclaim your lives from beneath such a terrible catastrophe.  We remain aware of your continuing challenges with adequate housing and infrastructure, your concerns about radiation, the economy and so on.   We have been humbled by the stoicism and the tenacity exhibited by everyone in the face of such hardship.   We are confident that of all the people on this earth, the Japanese have the spirit and ambition to use such a tragedy as an opportunity to re-imagine a better and more sustainable future for us all.

Our thoughts are with you.

Special Message from Co-directors

DAICHI Projects extends our deepest condolences and sympathy towards the people of Japan who lost loved ones in recent earthquakes, tsunami, and nuclear radiation. Our passion, thoughts, and prayers are with you and we wish the earliest recovery in Japan!

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